Tuesday, October 6


Hebrews 10, Proverbs 18, Zechariah 8-10


  1. Zechariah is one of those books that many people say, “Who actually reads that?” Yet, in Zechariah 9:9-10, we get a beautiful glimpse of just what kind of King Jesus really is – he’s not a king like that of the world, he’s a humble king. He calls us to this as citizens of his kingdom – pray today that God would instill humility in our hearts and that we would be people who seek the glory of God’s name rather than power or influence. 
  2. Pray for our @HOME groups and leaders as the small groups launch, and as families take advantage of some of the curriculum that’s made available. Pray that it would be effective for kids, enjoyable, and profitable.  
  3. Praise God for His financial provision as we have sent out the quarterly support checks to missionaries around the globe.  Woodland is able to be a supporting and sending church to many missionary families.  It is a blessing that we’ve been able to provide this support (a portion of every dollar given to the church) for so many years! Praise him for the provision to do this and for continued generosity in the months and years to come.