Monday, October 5

Hebrews 9, Psalm 119, Zechariah 5-7


  1. This week in Woodlands in the Word, we’ve landed in Psalm 119, the longest ‘chapter’ in Scripture!  This psalm celebrates the gift of God’s law as the perfect guide for life.  Take your time and read the first 7 stanzas, meditate and pray through them.  This is the only psalm for the week, so linger in it.
  2. Rooted Groups start this week following this weekend’s message.  Pray for great connections and conversation, pray for Scripture to be central to these groups as they seek to grow in their knowledge and love of God. 
  3. We are starting week two of audio, video, and lighting installation in the new building.  Pray that the sound, lighting video and stage installations will give us a robust and ‘musical’ auditorium where both the spoken word and worshiping congregation sound, look, feel great for every seat in the room.