Friday, October 16


Galatians 5, Psalm 122


  1. In Galatians 5, Paul reminds the Galatians that if they are children of God, they are free indeed. But Paul admonishes them to keep a careful watch on how they use their freedom. Any freedom used without the fruit of the Spirit is indeed no freedom at all. Pray today that your freedom in Christ would not merely be a “makes me feel good” kind of thing, but instead would be a freedom that is used for the benefit of others. 
  2. Our Moving Ministry tirelessly serves individuals and families in our community needing to move within Portage County. Please thank God for the selfless service of our MM team and for the love of Christ to emanate through them to those they pray for and serve.
  3. Praise God with us for the many who serve so faithfully on Sunday mornings to make Woodlands the warm and welcoming place that it is.  Pray for new volunteers to join our teams especially during this Covid crisis as many are not due to health reasons able to serve at this time.  Pray too that new and returning attendees would be warmly welcomed and be connected closer to Christ as we extend our hospitality.