November 15 – November 19


Monday: 2 Peter 2, Ezekial 28-30, Psalm 135
Tuesday: 2 Peter 3, Ezekial 31-33, Proverbs 24
Wednesday: Ezekial 34-36, Psalm 136
Thursday: 1 John 1, Ezekial 37-39, Proverbs 24
Friday: 1 John 2, Ezekial 40-42, Psalm 137


  • Pray that as believers, love would pour out of our lives and be evidenced by our sacrificial love for each other and our world.
  • We have a Congregational Meeting coming up in a few days. Pray that God would continue to bring clarity and direction in all things, as we move forward with ministry this year. Thank God for the new members who are being introduced at this meeting and pray that they can continue to get integrated into the life of our church!
  • Continue to pray for refugees who have been displaced from Afghanistan. Pray for our hearts that we would respond with grace and kindness.
  • As we near the holiday season and prepare to celebrate in different ways, we also know the holidays can stir up a lot of pain for people as they navigate new painful seasons and remember loved ones lost. Pray for these families that they would sense the presence of God with them amidst this time and pray that Woodlands would be a safe place for those who are hurting.
  • It’s a privilege to partner with and support global missionaries. Pray that God would guide us as a church to know how to better send and support missionaries around the world.