November 1 – November 5


Monday: Ezekiel 1-3, James 3, Psalm 129
Tuesday: Ezekiel 4-6, James 4, Proverbs 22
Wednesday: Ezekiel 7-9, James 5, Psalm 130
Thursday: Ezekiel 10-12, NT catch up, Proverbs 22
Friday: Ezekiel 13-15, 1 Peter 1, Psalm 131


  • Pray for families in our church who have experienced loss and are remembering family members in funeral services. We had at least two funerals affecting church families in the past two weeks. 

  • A church family recently lost their home to a fire. Pray for the family as they think about rebuilding, figure out how to navigate the loss, and move forward. Pray for an overwhelming response of support and care. 

  • Pray for the Women’s Real & Simple Conference coming up this Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. Pray that many would attend, that God would work powerfully in their lives, and that good connections would be made between many different women. 

  • The past couple of years have taken a major toll on our mental health. As we offer some new groups for teens and adults surrounding mental health, pray for those involved in the groups as well as the church: that we would be a safe place for people to wrestle with the messy realities of life as they look to Jesus for hope and healing.

  • This is the final week in our Rooted in Grace series; please pray that God will help us be deeply rooted in biblical grace as a result of our time studying through Galatians. Pray that we would be able to be gracious towards others.