Thursday, March 25


Deuteronomy 16-18, Proverbs 16, John 11


  • John 11 largely contains the story of Lazarus.  Through this narrative we get to see that we have a God who cares deeply.  The emotion of Jesus on display through this narrative reminds us that he cares for us and is familiar with grief, along with so many other deep emotions.  Don’t be afraid to be honest before God – he knows your heart already.  Pray to him honestly today through the grief or whatever you may be facing.
  • Pray for the Woodlands Staff team.  Pray that our first love would be Jesus and we would be seeking Him with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.  Pray this team would rest in Him in these turbulent times and follow Him fully in obedience.
  • Pray for Randy and Debbie as they seek to make Christ known.*


*If you’d like more information on these workers, please contact Whitney.