Friday, January 8


Genesis 13-15, Psalm 3, Matthew 8-9


  • How many of us can relate to Psalm 3? If we’re honest, probably most of us! This psalm is written as David flees from his own son, Absalom, who is threatening to kill him and take over the throne of Israel. Can you imagine being in that life-situation? Yet in the midst of this, David declares and praises God because it is God who sustains his life. Pray today that you would find rest in the God who sustains your life, even in the darkest of times.
  • Pray for the many Bible-believing, Christ-centered churches in Central Wisconsin and beyond that will preach the gospel this weekend. Pray that truth would be preached.  Pray that those who follow Jesus would be full of grace and that truth. 
  • Pray for Gordon and Sarah as they seek to make Christ known through their work with Wycliffe.*


*If you’d like more information on these workers, please contact Whitney.