Wednesday, January 13


Genesis 22-24, Psalm 5, Matthew 12


  • In Matthew 12, we see Jesus healing a man on the Sabbath. The legalistic Pharisees don’t like this, so Jesus points out that the Law was made for the sake of people. People, who bear God’s image, are of infinite worth and value. Pray today 1) that God would open up the capacity of your heart to receive people around you, and 2) that God would show you how to care for those people. 
  • Pray 1 John 2:15-17 for our students.  Pray that they would not love the world or the things in the world in 2021.  Pray that their appetites would change to crave the things of God.  Ask him to satisfy those cravings for him.
  • We are looping back through the group of people who are laboring to see the gospel proclaimed across the globe.  The information of many of our workers is not suitable to include in our online platform, so if you’d like more information, please contact Whitney
    Today, pray for Doug and Rachel Allord who are serving in London with CoMission.