Monday, January 11


Genesis 16-18, Psalm 4, Matthew 10


  • In Matthew 10, we read about the reality that following Jesus is costly. It’s not a question of whether or not following Jesus is costly, it’s a question of how much it will cost…and Jesus is clear – it will cost you life as you know it. Courage to do the right thing means doing the right thing despite all of the risk. Yet in verse 31, Jesus tells his followers that God cares even for the sparrow and the hairs on your head; how much more will he care for you? Therefore, don’t be afraid! You are worth more than the sparrow! Pray today for the courage to follow Jesus faithfully even in the midst of ever-changing circumstances. 
  • This weekend, Pastor Dave challenged us with this thought:  “The Kingdom Jesus proclaims is for the broken and hurting; we’ll never understand or be able to come to Jesus if we can’t acknowledge our own brokenness.”  Today pray for the strength to acknowledge your own brokenness before the cross of Christ, and for the ability to understand and believe that this cross is good news for you now, today.
  • Pray for the team of people working in India to make Jesus known, loved, and followed in their country. *


*If you’d like more information on these workers, please contact Whitney.