Tuesday, February 16


Leviticus 1-3, Proverbs 11, Luke 2


  • We begin Leviticus this week in the Old Testament portion of Woodlands in the Word.  Leviticus is often neglected because we can easily misunderstand its message and purpose for a long book of rules and measurements.  It is primarily a collection of laws, but rather than skim, remember the atoning sacrifice given through Jesus is for sinners.  Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Without the death of Jesus, nothing remains for us but death.  Forget the crucified one, and we have forgotten the only name by which we can be saved.”  Pray for eyes to see your need for a Savior through these pages of the Law. Pray, then, that your devotion to Jesus would deepen, your worship of God would be strengthened, and you would have a better understanding of everyday Christian living. 
  • Today we are reading Luke 2-the Good News told to the lowest of these, the shepherds in the field. We praise God that He has allowed programming for Kids to run throughout the last few months and we are seeing more families returning every week. We thank Him for the ability to share His Good News with children of all ages and backgrounds. We pray that as we continue to look ahead at what the coming months will bring for Kids Ministry that God would be at work in the planning process of events and in-person programming. 
  • Pray for Jim and Kay as they seek to make Christ known through their work in the Latin world. *


*If you’d like more information on these workers, please contact Whitney.