This week we'll be singing a new song called "King of My Heart." This song declares a truth that is fundamental to our faith and foundational to our right view of God. The truth is that God is good. I remember walking through a trial in my life a number of years ago and found myself falling back regularly on the sovereignty of God. As I did that I continually didn't feel a whole lot of hope and didn't know why. After months of wrestling with God I became aware that I wasn't convinced that God was absolutely good. If we believe that God is sovereign but aren't convinced that he is good, his sovereignty doesn't bring hope, in fact it may even cause unhealthy fear.

Psalm 100:5 says,

"For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations."

When we begin to believe that God doesn't have our best in mind we start to walk a dangerous path. We must always interpret our circumstances through God's lens. God being good doesn't mean we won't suffer relational, physical, or emotional pain this side of heaven. The goodness of God finds it's ultimate expression in Heaven. We will see glimpses of God's goodness this side of heaven for sure and we must celebrate those. In fact, we must be conduits of God's goodness to those around us. But his goodness is ultimately seen in his coming, standing in our place, dying on the cross, and rising from the dead to defeat sin and make a way for us to be restored to a right relationship with Him for eternity. We must never leave the question of "is God good" to the whim of our circumstances. We must take God at his Word, that He is indeed good, and let that be the lens with which we view life.

There will be times where this song will be song out of an overflow of thankfulness where we really feel a flood of God's goodness in our lives. However, there will be times where it may take every ounce of faith in us to declare the words, "You are good." By faith, in those moments, sing with all your might. Do the work of declaring to your heart and to one another, "yes, God indeed is good."


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