29 The Church Militant

How you dress yourself spiritually depends on your worldview: is the earth a "playground" or a "battleground"?

25 Live Wisely

God gives us "x" days to serve Him here. All the more reason to take full advantage of our personal trainer who resides in us, the Holy Spirit.

23 A GRACE Story (part 1)

If God's grace is not evident in our church, then we are simply a collection of nice people who have religion as a hobby. We are not the Church of Jesus Christ.

22 No Disconnect

Saved by God's grace we can just glide into heaven from here, right?

19 High Calling (part 1)

Every local church wants to be healthy, healing and helping. Only the high road will do.

17 Walking with God

O the delight of finding that place where you hole up with God each day.

Christmas Eve 2015

God is happier than you may think. He also wants to make you happier than you can conceive.

12 Mystery

12 Mystery

Does listening to the good news of Jesus Christ leave you 'ho hum'?

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