Hola to mom and dad and to all readers,

Dad I just want to say to start out that you are right- I am so unbelievably lucky to be here in Peru, and I love it just like you said I would.  Also, Gisvel is the first and best sister I have ever had.  She is also extraordinary in her English.  So far in Peru we've been in Chincha teaching ESL at the school.  Although the language barrier has made it hard to teach, the kids are so fun to work with and they really appreciate us coming in to help with their English.  Really though, they're helping me with my Spanish probably more than I'm helping with them with their English.  I think I might try to work 6AP into my schedule next year.  I'm so thankful for any communication I can get out to Peruvians in Spanish.  It's the best feeling to see the smiles on their faces when you ask them their name and being able to answer when they ask what we like to do. Tomorrow is our last day in Chincha with the Carnival and Sports Day, and after that we are moving onto Condevilla.  Estoy muy emocionado.  Chao! (I was surprised to find out they use that here too..)


Marshmallows, Vitamins and Toothbrushes...just an average day!

It's safe to say our first full day of ministry went well...dare I say very well.  It was an early morning but everyone slept HARD last night.  We went to one of the biggest public schools in Chincha this morning and dove into the deep end of teaching ESL.  Today the teams taught 7 classes total from grades 7-11.  It was a great day of interaction with Peruvian students...and somewhere along the way many of our teens began to realize how similar we really are...give or take their love for potatoes.

This evening we went to the church in Chincha...La Iglesia Semilla (the Sea) and went door to door through the neighborhood handing out vitamins and dental kits.  5 different groups went out into the neighborhood (the concert team practiced for tomorrows concert), each group made up of Woodlands folks and Peruvians.  It was a pleasure watching our Peruvian brothers/sisters sharing Christ.  Many of the teams were invited in to homes and students got to see real life in Chincha.  Some very cool stories surfaced after we all returned, but suffice it to say that for some of our teens realizations were made that will impact their outlook on life.  Good stuff!

After a long day we hit a local pizza joint for a late dinner and I can't remember a time I looked down a table and saw so many happy kids eating pizza...never underestimate the power of pizza! :-)

Keep the prayers coming...we appreciate them and need them!  [slideshow]

The key word of missions is...


Flexibility...that's the thing we teach from day one of our training for this trip.  Today was a reminder of why.  Everything got bumped around...but tomorrows ESL classes will have us diving intp the deep end.  We went from 1 team to 2 teams that will be bouncing through classes all day.  Skits got recast...skits got added...and Deb is now lead teaching ESL.  Just an average day in missions. The team went out tonight to a local chicken place...delicious. The day starts bright and early so the team is off to bed to try and recoup a bunch of lost sleep.



We made it....26 hours from when we started...but the honking taxis outside tell us its not a dream!  Our flight from Miami was smooth and we had no problems in customs. The team slept most of the flight to Peru and most of the 3 hour bus drive to Chincha.  Now I hear showers going all around the hotel...well deserved showers! A lil downtime until lunch and then we dive into prepping for tonights ministry.

15 hours in...still lots of smiles.



The team has weathered a long day full of the usual airport delays and snags..but we're sitting on the plane getting ready to take off for Lima.  Parents...be proud of your kids, they have been amazing today! 

Hours away...

The team assembled tonight for our Commissioning Service and last minute information download session. Ready or not...we're outta here Tuesday morning. As we begin our adventure thanks to the countless people who made this trip possible. Those who have given financially, those who have volunteered their time, those who have prayed us up to this point...all who have had a hand in getting us ready to launch...THANKS!

Let's go get our "4th Place" finish!

The Packing Begins....

Half of the team is in house right now, starting the packing process. There are vitamins, carnival games, candy, prizes, soccer balls, dodge balls, toothbrushes and toothpaste. It all has to be counted and organized for the two different cities that we'll be serving in.

One of the longest lines at the Carnival!


Adult Toothbrushes

Children's Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Bags 'O Candy for the Carnivals

Hard at Work

Put-Put Carnival Game

More packing....

5 days and counting.....

It's the Final Countdown!

The Edge team is counting down the days and hours until they depart for Lima, Peru! Stay connected with us by bookmarking this page.

Edge 2011 Peru Team @ the Banquet

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