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Hours away...

The team assembled tonight for our Commissioning Service and last minute information download session. Ready or not...we're outta here Tuesday morning. As we begin our adventure thanks to the countless people who made this trip possible. Those who have given financially, those who have volunteered their time, those who have prayed us up to this point...all who have had a hand in getting us ready to launch...THANKS!

Let's go get our "4th Place" finish!

The Packing Begins....

Half of the team is in house right now, starting the packing process. There are vitamins, carnival games, candy, prizes, soccer balls, dodge balls, toothbrushes and toothpaste. It all has to be counted and organized for the two different cities that we'll be serving in.

One of the longest lines at the Carnival!


Adult Toothbrushes

Children's Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Bags 'O Candy for the Carnivals

Hard at Work

Put-Put Carnival Game

More packing....

5 days and counting.....

It's the Final Countdown!

The Edge team is counting down the days and hours until they depart for Lima, Peru! Stay connected with us by bookmarking this page.

Edge 2011 Peru Team @ the Banquet

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