Today was just another in a series of LONG DAYS.  This morning we finished painting the park and had a chance to break into different groups and work our way through the neighborhood praying for homes/families.  It was an awesome experience to stop in front of homes to pray for complete strangers; asking God to draw them to Himself. This activity was so much more than a way to kill some time before become something that affected many of us deeply. (James 5:16)

This afternoon we went "up the Hill".  The Hill is the next settlement that is being developed on a hill overlooking Condevilla. When I first went up the Hill 4 years ago there were little more than 50 houses (perhaps better described as shacks).  It was incredible to think that people/families lived in these conditions.  Every year the homes are improved and when we crested the hill I couldn't believe how things had progressed.  There were legitimate homes perched on some of the steepest terrain you can imagine.  I simply can't imagine hauling the bricks, sand and mortar up the trail to make these homes.  Along with the well established homes are also the newer homes that were nothing more than scrap wood nailed together to form a semblance of a wall.  We split up and began distributing vitamins and dental kits. To say it was a humbling experience is the understatement of the trip!  It was, as always, one of our highlights from the Peru experience.

Tonight we had a combined concert with a team from the church (Esperanza Viva).  The concert was held in the newly cleaned park and our team played 5 songs.  We were just the opening band for the main attraction though, the Condevilla team played a bunch of songs after we got done and they did a great job.  There was also an AMAZING skit put on by a combo Condevilla/Woodlands was awesome!

Tomorrow is our day to be tourists and see some of the historical sites around Lima. Of course no trip would be complete without a stop at the Indian Market for all our loved let's hope we remember everyone's jersey size! :-)


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