Sorry that we didn't post yesterday...but it was a marathon day ending with the team finally getting to the hotel about 12:45am. The day started with the ADIEL worship service.  Once a year all the Evangelical Free Churches in Lima get together for a combined worship service and we just happened to be here for it.  We sat in the service for about half of it, and then when the kids were released for Childrens Church we bailed out with them and helped in Childrens church.  We did some songs, skits, crafts and of course the all important snack!  Trust me...the importance of "snack time" transcends culture!  Church was fun as it gave many of us a chance to see old freinds for the first time that didn't get to go to Chincha with us.

After church it was off to lunch, then straight to Condevilla for Children's Carnival #2.  By this point everyone was pretty much a pro at their games and we were up and running in no time.  The crowd was big...real big.  The church had been promoting it all week so it was fun to pull up and see people waiting in the park.  I don't even want to think of the sheer pounds of candy, stickers, spinning tops, bracelets, etc we've given away over the last 3 days.  Let's just say we have plenty of space for souvenirs on the way home. :-)  For me the best part of the Children's Carnival was the fact that the church put the word out on the street that their was going to be a big deal for the community...and we helped pull it off.  Every time the church makes a promise and they keep it, their "stock" in the community goes up.  I remember the very first carnival we put it and how leery the community was...but no longer!  This truly speaks to the integrity the church has conducted itself with over the past 6 years, and in our very small way it was a blessing to deepen that relationship.

Last night was a chance for the team to just have fun...serving is fun...but so is the Water Fountain Park! We bused over to the Fountain Park last night and spent a couple hours out there.  Everyone had a blast!  The team had a rediculously good time playing in the Labyrinth Fountain, and the Peruvians had a good time watching us running around in the middle of Peruvian winter getting soaked.  The Peruvians were attempting to get through the labyrinth without getting wet with their winter coats on...but not us...we had our shorts and t-shirts.  The dichotomy was hilarious!

Today is "get your hands dirty" day.  We will be spending half the day cleaning/painting/repairing the park next to the church, and the other half of the day going up the "hill" to hand out vitamins and dental kits.  It should be a great day.

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