I feel as if we need to create a new word that takes all the "flexibility" means and adds about 10 new dimensions to it! Let's call this word "flexinity" (flexible to infinity) I could fill the pages of a book with the things that have gone "wrong" on this trip...but that wouldn't be quite right since God has been in control the whole time.  Just to give you a glimpse of how crazy our trip has been, today we endured the Monsoon of 2011.  Lima gets about 1" of rain a year...so what are the chances we would see rain on this trip...yeah, pretty much a slam dunk! It doesn't rain here like we think of rain back home, but it is a steady mist that falls.  At first it doesn't feel that bad, but after a couple of hours it's down right wet outside.


Before the rain came we were able to sand all the playground equipment and get a couple coats of paint on them.  We also got most of the paint on the cement benches in the park before we were "misted" out.  The cool part of today was the communities response to the most menial of tasks...trash pick up.  I have seen it before, but it never ceases to amaze me at how such a simple (albiet disgusting) task can affect the community.  We spent about an hour picking up trash from the park near the church, and trust me it was some wicked stuff.  But as we neared the end of our trash duty the park began to fill with many elderly men.  One of them brought us Inka Cola and a water as a way to say thank you.  They were so touched that would be do something so humbling as pick up garbage that they were overwhelmed.  It reminds me of a humbling thing Jesus did in John 13 (check it out).  Jim Panaggio had a great talk with them, actually with many people from the community who were deeply touched by our work today.  Praise God for trash!

Unfortunately the mist postponed our plans to go up the hill today...but we'll get it done tomorrow.  We have a long one tomorrow with tons of stuff going on...but the finish line is in sight.  The team got our letters from home tonight and it gave everyone a needed boost to finish strong.

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