As you can tell from the time stamp on this post (12:51am) it was a LONG day...but it seems that "short days" are in short supply on this trip.  We made it into Lima a little after 11pm tonight and the team is doing wonderful.  Today was a really fun day!  The Childrens Carnival went WAY better than we expected.  Probably somewhere around 125 kids came and played their hearts out for candy, stickers, pencils, etc. I think it would have made the AWANA Carnival crew smile! One cool story from the Carnival was that Jim had a chance to share Christ with one of the guys who came to observe what was going on.  The Peruvian gentleman was highly complementary of what we were doing and thought the community of Chincha needed more of this sort of thing. In the end Jim was able to share why we were down here, as well as that Christ is the real answer for the lives of those in Chincha, not economic development or improved roads.

I know this will shock you...but we ran into problems with our lunch plans and had to call an audible at a different restaurant.  It ended up being a great time, albiet putting us behind schedule by almost 2 hours.  But hey, nobody in Peru really cares much about that anyway!  We all were sitting in this little restaurant, totally packed out with the team of Woodlands and Esperanza Viva and we had the thought, "this family just made enough to live for a week because we ate here."  Our lunch was very good, but the tangible way we helped a Chincha family made the meal all that much better.

So, I know you were wondering how the big soccer game...I'm proud to say the gringo's held their own.  In fact they even won the first game.  Gringo's - Gringo's - Gringo's!  Don't tell anyone...but we drafted Gabriel (one of our translators) and he was pretty much THE MAN!

The worship service tonight was sweet.  Jim Panaggio spoke, and in my extensive knowledge of the Spanish language (that would be "pocoito") he did a great job.  It's always fun to worship in a foreign language, and our kids sang it out.

Time to grab a lil' shut-eye.  [slideshow]

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