Hola mis amigos y mi familia! Estoy bien en la tierra bonita de Chincha, Peru. Estoy escribiendo mi blog en español, entoneces, usen sus traducciones en la red, por favor! :)

Just kidding, I'll write my blog in engles, no worries. The Peru team here is doing fantastic. God is working in each and every one of us in an incredible way. Being in Chincha, a very poor area in Peru, has opened my eyes tremendously to the blessings we have in America. I have the privilege to work with children everyday here that have nothing, yet they would still give me the shirt off their back if it was their last one. The people here are incredibly more generous than us, yet have ten times less. The love and the simplicity of life held in Peru is an incredible and beautiful thing.

But now onto my team. Everyone here is working together tremendously. We have truly come together as one team despite any "cliques" or "differences" we might've had previous to this Trip. Seeing God work in all of us in a similar way has brought us together in a way that has bonded us to beyond friends, pero hermano y hermanas, but brothers and sisters.

We also had a wonderful concert today that we put on for the children of the school we were teaching english at. Seeing all the kids faces light up as they danced around to silly songs such as like a lion and no one like you was a fantastic experience.

I'm afraid it's about time for me to head to bed for the evening, but I miss all of you so much, and am definitely having touches of homesickness. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and I want to thank all of you who have been doing so thus far.

Buenas Noches everyone!

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