Hola amigos! I have had such an incredible trip so far. I can't believe how God is working in my life, everyone in the team, the Peruvian children, and our Peruvian friends. We all have so many stories to tell. Being the vegetarian I am, the food is pretty dang good here. There are lots of potatoes and almost every meal contains chicken. There are also lots of dogs every where. Although a lot of them are really really cute...they aren't tame and aren't very friendly. The dogs here are like squirrels in Wisconsin...they are EVERY WHERE!

When we return, be ready for a big change. We all will look at technology and material goods differently. You may not understand why we will act differently, but trust us when we tell you the stories of the Peruvians and how little they have. We have gone into their houses and see how they live and what they have. They have hardly anything, but those who have God truly have everything. Thats why we are here; to show them God's love and help bring them to Christ. If we can give them peace of mind and more comfort in their lives, then we have done our jobs and God's will. Please continue to pray for us!! We miss you all very much and will be home soon!

Mom, Dad, Nathan, Luke & Olivia (and other friends and family) I miss you all very much and I am having an incredible time. I will be home soon and can't wait to see you all and share my stories!!


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