First of all, I would just like to say that I love and miss my wonderful parents. And mom, thank you in advance for reading this out loud for dad! :)  Fast forward through the longest trip of my life and into our daily adventures here in Chincha. I knew what was in store for the team and what to expect from the first bus ride into Chincha. It's one thing to hear about the poverty and conditions of Peru, but it's completely another thing to witness it for yourself. Yesterday we had the pleasure to walk door to door and pass out vitamins and tooth brushes to the citizens. I've never seen children so excited to receive tooth brushes and vitamins. This ties into what I feel God has been teaching me so far on this trip. People that have so little, are also some of the happiest people that I have ever met. Children that don't have anything, can still have the biggest and best smiles. Yet my mom tells me to take my vitamins every morning, and that means nothing to me. I have my ipod, cell phone, and so many other things, and I am not always thankful for the stuff I have. There is so much more to say and still so much more to do. This trip has been so much fun, and I'm really looking forward to the next couple of days! I'll let Heath get some sleep now, God knows that he needs it! :)  Thank you for continuing to pray for our group, the trip couldn't be going any better!

- Aaron Koerten

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