It's safe to say our first full day of ministry went well...dare I say very well.  It was an early morning but everyone slept HARD last night.  We went to one of the biggest public schools in Chincha this morning and dove into the deep end of teaching ESL.  Today the teams taught 7 classes total from grades 7-11.  It was a great day of interaction with Peruvian students...and somewhere along the way many of our teens began to realize how similar we really are...give or take their love for potatoes.

This evening we went to the church in Chincha...La Iglesia Semilla (the Sea) and went door to door through the neighborhood handing out vitamins and dental kits.  5 different groups went out into the neighborhood (the concert team practiced for tomorrows concert), each group made up of Woodlands folks and Peruvians.  It was a pleasure watching our Peruvian brothers/sisters sharing Christ.  Many of the teams were invited in to homes and students got to see real life in Chincha.  Some very cool stories surfaced after we all returned, but suffice it to say that for some of our teens realizations were made that will impact their outlook on life.  Good stuff!

After a long day we hit a local pizza joint for a late dinner and I can't remember a time I looked down a table and saw so many happy kids eating pizza...never underestimate the power of pizza! :-)

Keep the prayers coming...we appreciate them and need them!  [slideshow]

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