It is such an honor to be partnering with such a great, forward-thinking church here in San Lucas Toliman!  An annoying doubt that lingered in my head prior to departing for this mission was whether or not we would really be helping the people here.  What I mean by that is a wondering of whether the dispensing of medicine and eyeglasses would be a help or a short-term fix of a bigger need that we couldn’t possible fix in one week.

It did not take long for God to give me answer.  As Jesus performed miracles one person at a time to bring people to Him; so is the church in their partnership with us.  While we are helping with physical ailments of the people of San Lucas Toliman, it is abundantly clear that we are serving as a small, complimentary piece to a much larger goal.  Through our work here this week, our team is playing a vital role in attracting people to a place filled with the Holy Spirit.  Through serving as Jesus served and giving all glory and honor to Christ we are exposing our brothers and sisters to the only One who can save them in every way.

Even with the understanding of everything above, there is a tendency to want to quantify the results of our efforts.  To be candid, when I heard no one had necessarily been “converted” yesterday, my heart sank a tiny bit.  God, again, abruptly reminded me that I am nowhere near capable of understanding the “results” of my work for Him.  The source of our joy needs to come from behaving consistent with what Jesus stands for and acting on the prompts given to us by Him.  Whether or not we see the perceived results of our work here in Guatemala, God is winning. 

With every person given the gift of sight as they never have before, God is winning.  With every person shown the warmth of compassion by our amazing doctors, God is winning.  With every visit to the spiritual clinic by someone not yet familiar with Christ, God is winning.  With every encouraging word or hug between our team members, God is winning. 

As much as Satan has been trying to disrupt God’s work here this week…..there just simply hasn’t been any room for him.  Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. 

(Ashley and Carson, I will be home soon.  I love you.)


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