Today being Sunday, we did what many back home do. We went shopping! After breakfast we took a boat ride across Lake Antitlan. It is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and it is truly a beautiful sight to behold. It is a volcanic lake, which means tall green mountains all around it, and very deep in the center of the lake.  In the morning, the water was smooth and it was a peaceful way to begin the day.

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In Panajachel, the town across the lake, we enjoyed a couple of hours strolling through the street with vendors along the sides and some shops actually in buildings, too. The closest comparison I can think of would be a farmers’ market, except this had much more clothing, jewelry, colorful blankets, toys and many handmade items that showed the ingenuity of the people there. A big difference in the pricing system is a little harder for some of us to adjust to. The vendors expect to haggle, and it was fun to see how some of our team got pretty good at is, and some of us are still used to paying a set price for things.

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By the tie we were heading back to San LucasToliman, the winds had picked up a bit, and the water was a bit “chipi chipi”. That is how Oscar Chiquito, our local guiardian angel described it. The trip wasn’t too bad,. No one fell overboard or even got seasick!

After lunch, it was time to get moving on the real reason we are here. We walked to the church where the clinics will be held, and set things up. Actually, the people of the church had the exam rooms set up already, so that was a big help. There was still a lot of work to do making sure we all know our parts, equipment is all there and working properly, and helping the pharmacist prepare baggies and baggies of vitamins that will be handed out.  At one point, half the team was working on that.

There will be more to do tomorrow morning, so please keep praying for us all. Pray that this will truly be meaningful and helpful to the people we see.

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