October 16, 2013

Every journey begins with a single step. Well, this journey has had several steps long before this point. We are just a few short days away from our departure from the states, and many plans, meetings, lists and of course, prayers have already gone into the preparations for this adventure.

We are a diverse group. Some of us are medically trained. This is a medical mission trip after all, so there are several physicians and nurses, and a pharmacist, too. Some of us have no special training at all. Some have been on medical mission trips before, and some have not. Some have been to Guatemala before, and some have not been out of the country. We are all united, however, by the desire to see God’s Hand at work among the people we will meet along the way. Keep us in your prayers as we seek to serve God in this way.

It will be interesting to see what God can do in a short week of work, in a land so unlike our Midwest USA. Here we are seeing the leaves turn color, the weather cooling off, and football well underway. It probably won’t be quite like that in San Lucas Toliman. The city’s elevation is approximately a mile high, unlike our low Wisconsin heights. It will probably be warmer there, and football probably doesn’t mean the same thing. It is good to know that God is there, too. We don’t have a corner on Him or His Power in our little part of the world. What a God we serve.

During these last days before the trip, the team members will undoubtedly have lots of things to take care of. There are family members left behind to be cared for, responsibilities at work, home and church, that need to be delegated to friends and responsible co-workers. And, of course, there are bags to pack and re-pack as we decide the best use of our resources and space.

Please keep us all in your prayers as we finalize the preparations for this trip. Pray that God will be central in all we do and say.

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