Thursday's Blog Entry

The Last day of the clinic was today. We will be heading home tomorrow, starting very early in the morning. It feels odd to be already through this busy week. On the one hand, I am ready to head home. On the other, it will be hard to leave all the team members when we part tomorrow evening. Bonds have been formed that are strong and unique to those who have shared such intense and life changing experiences.

At the beginning of this trip several of us, especially me, were anxious and feeling very inadequate to the task at hand. Seeing God work through both the people of the team and the people we were working with. I am not an outgoing person, but by the end of the week, I felt like I had a new family in Guatemala, a family of sisters and brothers in Christ. This was not an uncommon sentiment for many of us.

I still am inadequate, and most of the time I will probably be anxious in new situations, but I know that God will provide the right person at the right time, He will give me the peace of mind to deal with whatever He needs me to. He might do it with a sense of humor that just eases the tension, or a friend that will patiently teach you how to get the computer to work. Sometimes it means having someone you didn't know days ago, show you that you can grow and learn new things with much joy and even some fun.

We truly serve a wonderful God. Why do we fear and stress and refuse to step out on faith? I guess that is what I learned during this week. Still, I am glad to be going home.
Thanks to all the team, especially those who were in Stevens Point providing behind the scenes work that made all this possible.

God is good!

A Letter from the Guatemalan Medical Students

1.  The San Marcos Toliman team sends a BIG SHOUT TO Dr. Lloyd Arnold!!!  Your vision, hard work and determination have paid huge dividends in the lives of all of us this week.  We thank you sincerely and are anxious to see you and report. 

2.  Letter from four of the medical students:

Dear Friends,

We are very thankful for all your love, your patience, your teachings and all the effort and work you've invested in these days.  We've been inspired by all of you.  You've shown us that there is still kindness in the world.  We've seen God's will reflected in your actions.  We've grown, not only in knowledge, but also with our hearts. Continue in the path of the service for God.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  

With love,

Andrea Mendez

Nicolas Ruiz

Marco Flores

Karla Anturias

The picture is of the medical students, who also translated for us.

San Lucas Medical Students.JPG

Wednesday's Blog Entry - PART 2

Dear family, friends and coworkers back home,

As we write to you from this beautiful setting on Lake Attitlan, we are in awe of our great God and His many blessings!  The people of Guatemala are so loving, kind and gracious.  We have experienced unity and joy amongst our team which includes, medical and non-medical volunteers from Wisconsin, medical students from Guatemala and believers from the local church in San Lucas Toliman.  God has given us all good health, stamina and safety, as well as, some amazing times of worship and devotions with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Guatemala.  There have been some long, tiring days at the medical clinic, but it has been totally worth it when you see the smiles, hugs, tears, laughs, prayers being offered, and physical needs being met, but most importantly, hearts being softened by God's Word and lives being changed by the love of Christ!

As we have experienced this time in Guatemala and have seen how God is working in the lives of the people here, we are once again reminded that the Lord is not limited by time or space.  While we have come to serve the people of San Lucas Toliman, in many ways we have received more than we have given.  The people of the local church are truly following the example of Jesus Christ in serving (Philippians 2: 3-8), by showing humility and thinking of others before themselves.  God is great!
                                                                                                                                          Looking forward to seeing you all soon,
Love Doug & Cindy


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