Good morning from Antigua!

As we return home we're both excited and hesitant. We've thoroughly loved this week of missions work here in Guatemala and it's certainly touched our hearts, but more than that, we've touched the hearts of many people here in Guatemala and established new relationships that are entirely invaluable.

No missions work should ever be about feeling good. Yes, feeling good can be a byproduct of well done short-term missions, but for it to be the intent of going on a trip is simply wrong. This week was most definitely not about feeling good, as leaving the people of Guatemala doesn't feel good at all. There were moments of not feeling good scattered throughout the week as well. But our intent was to serve the people of Guatemala by providing them the right to necessary medical care and the joy of hearing the Gospel of Jesus.

We wrap up this week by saying that we saw 10 commitments to Christ (5 new, and 5 recommitments) come from the clinic. Thanks for all that you, the reader, have done for us leading up to and within this week whether financially, prayerfully, or both.

We'll see you soon!

-- Matthew Wilhelm Pastor of Worship Arts/College Ministries Woodlands Church (715)341-0800 (715)216-4972

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