Good morning once again from San Lucas Toliman!

Our first day of clinic was full, to say the least! It's amazing to watch how teams come together under various circumstances. One of our team members phrased it well (well, I'll paraphrase because I can't remember the exact quote from our meeting last night).

The first three hours of clinic felt mildly disastrous. As a team, we weren't firing on all cylinders but seemed to be clicking at different times. The flow of the clinic (the way we move patients in and our) wasn't quite settled, though Mark (our clinic guru) did an excellent job managing and finalizing everything. As we approached lunch time, we felt a little unsettled.

With the afternoon came a shift in efficiency and "one-ness." It seemed that everyone began beating together as one heart and the clinic began to flow smoothly. It was great to see the kinks get worked out on day one...though we can't say that some of our Spanish is totally worked out quite yet! We have medical students from Guatemala City joining us this week as well; they're gaining valuable experience in a clinic with many American doctors and nurses. These students were most definitely a Godsend for those of us whose Spanish isn't quite developed.

The hearts and attitudes of the patients coming through were fantastic. We had many bugs to get out of our system being that it was the first day of clinic, yet these patients showed incredible patience (excuse the pun) with us. On day one we managed to see and treat 150 patients to the best of our ability. The way God moves in these clinics is ever astounding.

As someone who has seen medical missions clinics, I've experienced this process of "working out the kinks" before. Yet, every time God proves Himself to be immensely powerful in taking broken people and using them to help other broken people. That is the attitude with which we approach this week - broken people showing the love of Christ to other broken people. Though we have medical capabilities well beyond the patients that we're seeing, those capabilities are of no advantage for us spiritually as both our team and the people of Guatemala are in constant and desperate need of Jesus.

God desires to see broken things restored. That's our desire this week. Check back to read about what happens today!

-- Matthew Wilhelm Pastor of Worship Arts/College Ministries Woodlands Church (715)341-0800 (715)216-4972

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