Good morning to all those checking in on us!

This morning we find ourselves on the southeast short of *Lago de Atitlan *awaiting breakfast before we head out on our day. The trek to our current destination was long, but entirely worth it; the landscapes we drove through on the way were absolutely stunning, but more encouraging to the heart was the sight of the church in which we'll be spending the next week in medical clinic.

We had a small "God-moment" upon our arrival in Guatemala yesterday. Apparently, the flight had a weight and balance issue forcing the airline to leave some luggage behind. Being that our group made up 1/3 of the passengers we were assuming we'd be filing a claim for our baggage. All of our luggage - medical supplies and personal - arrived without a hitch, however, and we made it through customs with incredible ease.

Today we'll be headed by boat to the northwest corner of Lake Atitlan to Panajachel. After spending the morning there, we'll grab some lunch and head to the church where we'll be spending the rest of the day, first packing up vitamins and meds to distribute during clinic days, then *worshiping with our brothers and sisters in Christ in a totally different cultural manner.*

This will surely be an incredible way to close out the day. From what we hear, the church here in San Lucas is incredibly passion about worshiping Jesus through their service to the community and through their services as well. Tonight will be an amazing example of why the Church - the Body of Christ - is the most amazing entity on earth; two churches from two different countries speaking two different languages.

A little taste of the Kingdom come is in store.

As we start into a busy week, please pray for: energy, good health, God's glorification, and that many people would be reached both physically and spiritually for the Gospel of Jesus.

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