It's bright and early here in San Lucas this morning! Most of the team is still asleep, which is probably wise considering how much energy will be expended throughout today!

Last night, after preparing some pharmacy details (packing pills, sorting vitamins, etc.), we experienced two encouraging moments:

First, we attended a church service at Mundial Extendido. It was a fantastic cultural experience, but far more than that, it was a stunning God-sighting. The language barrier is very real, but much of that falls to the wayside when worshiping together. The contrast between a Woodlands church service and that of Mundial Extendido isn't all that stark other than the language and length of time. After all, we're worshiping the same God, aren't we?

We are, indeed, and that's what made this worship experience so memorable. I (Matt Wilhelm) can recall one moment in the service in which the Mundial Extendido team began singing the classic hymn "How Great Thou Art." Though we didn't know the words in Spanish, we could sing in English - two people groups, singing in two languages, worshiping the same God...that is a taste of what's to come.

Our second encouraging experience was a conversation we had with Oscar Chiquito. Oscar is our "boots on the ground" contact here in Guatemala. His story - how he became a disciple of Christ, how he God led him into ministry, and what God is doing through him now - is absolutely stunning. God has clearly and noticeably set him where he is to expand the kingdom of God and save those who are lost in the name of Jesus. It's always encouraging in life to know that you're living for something greater than yourself; Oscar certainly reminded us that we are here, not for ourselves, but as part of something much, much bigger - the redeeming work of the kingdom of God through Jesus.

As we head into our first full day of clinic, pray that we keep this big picture in our minds and hearts. Also pray that we work hard today, in partnership with God and His Spirit, to help make the love of Jesus known both in word and deed.

Thanks for checking in!

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