Today marked Day 3 of Clinic, or "hump day" as one of the leaders put it. Serving for 2 full days at the clinic has tired many of us out. But after breakfast, the group received encouragement from our friend and missionary Oscar Chiquito. Oscar gave a short speech about his mission and how we play a role in what he hopes to see for Guatemala.

Oscar first told us briefly about his background. Oscar grew up in Guatemala and earned a college degree in the U.S. He is keenly aware of the current socioeconomic state. He understands that changes need to be made in order for the people of Guatemala to thrive. He deeply wanted to make an impact and improve the impoverished cities of Guatemala. With Oscar's education and background, he would be a natural fit for a politician. Oscar considered pursuing a career in politics so that he could represent the interests of the people. After much thought and prayer, Oscar decided to become a missionary to help change the status quo.

Oscar’s missionary focus is community development with the help of Christian churches. Oscar and his family work to change the current state of the country in three ways. The first way is to work with local churches to develop a strategic plan. The second way is to empower church leaders. The third part of Oscar’s approach is to establish partnerships with churches and create outreach initiatives. Oscar also emphasized the importance of making disciples. Although there are a high percentage of Evangelical Christians in Guatemala, too few are actively living out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Oscar wants to change the statistics through his missionary focus.

The Woodlands medical mission team is a part of the big picture. Woodlands is doing more than providing a medical clinic. Hearing Oscar speak and getting to know him this week has convinced me of that. In partnering with churches like Mundial Extendido, we are a part of the community development Oscar and others long to see.

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