After a longer than anticipated bus ride, we arrived at the Hotel Toliman Saturday night. The hotel has very nice accomodations. Big rooms, beautiful gardens on the grounds, and a top notch restaurant where we have been having our meals. The city of San Lucas Toliman is located off of Lake Atitlan. A landlocked lake surrounded by mountains.

Sunday was the cultural day for the team. We started the day with a delicious breakfast of omelets, black beans, cheese and plantains. It was a sunny day and the team was ready to go exploring.

After breakfast, the group traveled to the city of Panajachel, located across Lake Atitlan. Panajachel is a popular tourist destination in the area. Our team had a few hours to walk around and browse the local shops. Members of the group who bought merchandise were encouraged to haggle with the merchants as there were no price tags listed. Haggling with the merchants made for an entertaining shopping experience.

The team traveled back to San Lucas Toliman for lunch and a team briefing. During the meeting, we went over clinic expectations and also had devotional time and a chance to worship. After the meeting, about half of the team went to the clinic to get a feel for the layout and to transport the medical supplies. The clinic is being held at the local church, Iglesia Mundial Extendido. Once the supplies were delivered, we traveled back to the hotel and got ready for church.

The team had the neat opportunity of attending an evening church service at Iglesia Mundial Extendido. The worship and sermon was passionate and the congregation was very welcoming. One of our Spanish speaking Doctors gave a short speech about the clinic and what we came to do.

The team anticipates a busy day tomorrow, but we pray that God prepares our hearts to serve and the clinic would run smoothly.

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