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What: We accept most any gently used items
See below for wanted items & exceptions.
It's very helpful if donations are in boxes.
When: Donations accepted Mon April 23rd to Wed May 9th
Where: drop-off site is 2324 4th Avenue (NOT Woodlands)
(1 block N of St. Michael’s Hospital off Illinois Ave)
Leave items on the back screen porch.
Other Needs: Tables, volunteers, & baked goods to sell
Kids’ clothing up to size 12, books, puzzles, toys, furniture, kitchen items, small appliances, lamps, linens, collections, sports equipment, bikes, tools, decorative items, baby items, office supplies, jewelry, craft supplies, & just about anything …except items listed below.
Adult clothing, couches, car seats, stuffed animals, bed pillows, tvs & large outdated electronics, VHS and cassette tapes, Christmas decorations, broken or damaged items, or anything too heavy for 2 average people to lift and move.
* It's very helpful if donations are in boxes.

Why do we do the Rummage Sale for Freedom?
We do it to support the Trokosi Freedom Project. In some parts of Ghana Africa there is a practice of female ritual servitude called Trokosi. This system allows young virgin girls to be given to priests in the village shrine as reparation to deities for wrongs purported to have been committed by a member of the girl’s family. Once given to the priests, the girls are slaves and suffer from sexual abuse, physical assault, and forced labor. 
The Trokosi Freedom Project is working in Ghana to liberate the women who are slaves, eliminate the Trokosi practice, and provide counseling and vocational training to the freed slaves and to other at risk women. Mercy, one of the freed slaves has visited our church. Over 90% of the freed slaves come to know Christ through the love and support they receive at the vocational center. 
The Rummage Sale for Freedom was started in 2009 as a way to raise money to support the vocational center that the freed women attend in Ghana. We have raised over $34,083.89 over the past 10 years through a lot of prayer and by selling lots of stuff.
How Can I Help have a heart for Ghana?
-Donate your gently used sellable items to the sale.
-Bake something for us to sell at the Rummage Sale
-Get the word out! Advertise the Rummage Sale by hanging a flyer anywhere, by posting on facebook, or by telling your friends and co-workers. 
-Come to the Rummage Sale and buy something
Lend tables to the event or volunteer to help
Thank you for anything you are able to do to support this Sale. To God be the glory!



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