Today we made connections with all of the people from church.  We drove a couple hours to the beach and enjoyed each others company all day.  We had 9 baptisms today in the ocean some of the Woodlands team and some of the Esperanza Viva team.  We swam in the ocean, did a little improv rock climbing (nothing too dangerous considering Terry joined us).  Emma, Andy, and Ty had the wonderful experience of getting stung by jelly fish, but do not worry they are totally fine.  They say it stings  like really bad itch weed or burning nedle for a hour or so.

Well it is a bitter sweet ending here tonight.  We are about to leave and go to the airport.  We fly out at about 11:30 pm Lima time (10:50 Wisconsin Time).  We will arrive in Chicago at 9:30 am.  Then we will get home approximately 2-3 pm at Woodlands Plover campus.

Pray for our safe travels and safe stomachs (some of us are a little problomatic down there, but to be expected) and most of all God's will will happen.

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