Online Giving FAQs

Q: Is online giving secure?

A: Yes, all account information you enter is secure. No one has access to your data unless authorized by you. 
Additionally, BluePay has a number of security measures in place to protect you:

  • PCI Compliance
  • BluePay is PCI compliant. This means that we adhere to PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) requirements for keeping payment card data secure.
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • This security measure protects data from the point of card swipe, during information transit, all the way through authorization.
  • Tokenization
  • At the point of sale, data is intercepted and replaced with “tokens” that are useless to hackers and thieves. Your liability for customer payment security decreases because you don’t store data, just “tokens.”
  • Fraud Filters
  • BluePay helps you to detect and respond to fraudulent transactions in a timely manner by identifying potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Encryption
  • Encryption is the encoding of credit/debit card numbers and data in such a way that only authorized parties can read the information.
  • Hosted Payment Pages
  • BluePay hosts your payment forms in our highly secure payment environment, so you can reduce your PCI scope.
  • IVR
  • Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) credit card processing systems use secure touchtone and voice-activated technology for the convenience of merchants and customers.

Q: Are there any hidden charges or fees to me when I give online?

A: No. You select the dollar amount for your gift. That is the dollar amount that will be recognized as your donation. There are no costs or fees to you. At this point, Woodlands will only be accepting electronic checks; debit and credit cards are not being accepted at this time for tithes and offerings.

Q: Can I set up recurring contributions?

A: Yes. You can choose how often you would like an automatic donation to be made – one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc... 

Q: Why do I have to set up an account and password?

A: Setting up an account with a password allows you to enter the secure area of the web site for your transaction. Once your account and password are established, all of your personal information (including account numbers) is safe and protected.


Q: Can I designate my gift to a particular department or ministry?

A: Every dollar given to our General Fund is used to support the overall mission of the church; therefore, gifts cannot be designated or restricted for use by a specific department or ministry. This is true for any kind of donation to the church, not just online giving. There are three funds available to donate to: the General Fund, the Building Fund, and the Ministry Internship Program (MIP).


Q:  Will my gifts be included on my annual giving statements?

A:  Yes, our accounting department will send you a year-end statement of all online transactions and gifts by check.


Q:  Can I get a receipt of my online gift?

A:  Yes. When you make a gift to Woodlands an electronic receipt will be emailed to you. If you set up recurring gifts, on the date of each recurring gift an electronic receipt is sent to the email address which you have provided to Woodlands.


Q:  What if I decide I don't like electronic giving?

A:  You can cancel your authorization at any time by logging into The Grove and selecting the “Give” option on the left menu bar.


Q:  Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

A:   Email Bill HorvathLaurie KoertenAaron King, or call the church office (715-341-0800).

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