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Pastor Brian Berg
A Little “Help” From My “Friends” 
Job: 3-31

1) Rating Job’s friends

2) The Dialogue

a. Job and Eliphaz.  Job 3:3, 11, 20-24.  Elpihaz 4:7-9, 5:3-6,17-18, 27   Job 6:1-4, 10, 14-20, 7:11-21 

b. Job and Bildad.  Bildad 8:1-7 11-13, 20 Job 10:1-7

c. Job and Zophar.  Zophar 11:1-6, 13-20, Job 12:1-4, 12:7-9, 

13-25, 13:3-10, 15    

Job 16:1-3, 19:1-6

3) Modern day “help” from “friends”

4) Job’s Conclusions Job 27-31. 

a. One Shining Moment not to miss: 19:25-26 

5) Lessons for winter



1.    Tell of a time that a friend sought to comfort/console you in suffering.  What did they do right?

 2.    Share an experience, either personally or simply one that you are aware of, where someone tried to offer comfort in suffering, but it didn’t work.  What did they do wrong?

 3.    What impacted you most from the message this week?

 4.    What are some key principles/practices for helping those who are suffering?

 5.    How would you characterize/summarize what the three friends were saying?

 6.    How would you characterize/summarize what Job was saying?

 7.    How does Job’s statement directly to God strike you?  Have you talked with God in this way while suffering?  Do you think it is good to do so?  Why or why not?

 8.    What truths about God do you think people need to hear when suffering?  Why?

 9.    What perspectives on suffering should we hold on to when we suffer?  Why?

 10. What gives people hope while suffering?  What aspects of suffering make them feel hopeless or drive them to despair or depression?

11. How clearly can we answer the question “why” when people suffer?


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