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#2 “Inerrancy”

1) The inescapable connection between Inspiration and Inerrancy:

2) Defining and describing Inerrancy:

a. Wayne Grudem (Systematic Theology):  “The inerrancy of Scripture means that Scripture in the original manuscripts does not affirm anything that is contrary to fact. This definition means…the Bible always tells the truth concerning everything it talks about. It does not mean that the Bible tells us every fact there is to know about any one subject, but it affirms that what it does say about any subject is true.

b. Chicago Statement on Biblical inerrancy:  “Being wholly and verbally God-given, Scripture is without error or fault in all its teaching, no less in what it states about God's acts in creation, about the events of world history, and about its own literary origins under God, than in its witness to God's saving grace in individual lives. 

The authority of Scripture is inescapably impaired if this total divine inerrancy is in any way limited or disregarded, or made relative to a view of truth contrary to the Bible's own; and such lapses bring serious loss to both the individual and the Church.”

3) Inerrancy from Scripture:

4) External proofs of Inspiration and Inerrancy:

5) The joyful and fearful consequences of Inerrancy:



1.    What was most helpful to you in the message on inerrancy?  Why?

2.    What questions remain for you about inspiration and inerrancy?

3.    What questions would you as a group like to see addressed in the final two weeks of this series, iBook?  Make a list and send them to Brian at

4.    How would you describe the difference between inspiration and inerrancy?  Do you think both of these words are important for us to hold onto and understand? Why or why not?

5.    In light of the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture, describe how you think we should balance the investment of our time between other good Christian books and the Bible?

6.    What is your personal practice of engagement with the Bible?

7.    What do you like best about Bible reading (engagement) and what is challenging about Bible reading for you?

8.    What tools or practices have you found helpful in reading/understanding the Bible?

9.    What are some things that you think make people question inerrancy and inspiration? 

10. In 1 Peter 3:15 it says that we are to be prepared to give a defense for our faith.   Since the Bible is the primary source of what we believe, what is most helpful for you in defending the Bible?


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