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      “With Our Hearts - We Decide”





 1.     Share a story of a time you felt lead to take a step of faith of some kind.  (Taking a new job, sharing your faith with someone, joining a new ministry team, moving, etc.)

2.     What did you learn?  If it was a difficult one to decide, what helped you move forward?

3.     Describe the process that you use to take a step of faith/make a major decision.  Your process may help others as you share together.

4.     The message emphasized that there are three dispositions of the heart that enable us to take steps of faith: Trust, Obedience, Treasuring. Can you think of others?


Obedience:  Read the story of Saul’s disobedience in 1 Samuel 15:1-22.

 5.     What are some things that strike you in this story?

6.     Why do you think full obedience and not just partial obedience is so important to God?

7.     What are some areas that are hard for you to bring fully under the Lordship of Christ, and live with a posture of obedience?


Trust:  Read these passages: Psalm 56: 3-4, 11;  Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:3-5; 32:8-10; Isaiah 30:15-17; and 26:3-4

 8.     What is emphasized about trust in these passages?

9.     In general, what makes it hard for you to trust God?  What is the primary area of your life or issue that you find hard to fully trust God with and leave it in His hands?

10.  If someone said to you “I find it hard to trust God, what should I do?”  How would you counsel them?


Treasure:  Read these passages:  Psalm 73:25-28 and Psalm 84:10-12.

 11.  What feeds and nurtures treasuring and valuing God above all else in you?

12.  What is one thing you’ve picked up from this sermon, these scriptures, and this discussion that makes it a little easier to take steps of faith?


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