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Series: “Stand Strong”  

  This Week: “Through Faith Alone”


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   Sermon Based Questions for November 19, 2017


1.      What is your initial response to the doctrine of ‘salvation through faith alone?’ Is it surprise, excitement, wonder or… boredom? Have you heard ‘salvation through faith alone’ so often the shine and beauty might have worn off a little?

2.      What are some ways we can recapture the joy and delight and freedom found in this doctrine? Luther said discovering ‘through faith alone’ was like, “the very gate of paradise to me.’ How can we capture this joy?

3.      Who in your life have you seen live out ‘faith alone?’ Are there people in your life you see who don’t understand ‘faith alone?’ How might you be able to help them understand this truth?

4.      What are some of the dangers of a misunderstanding of ‘through faith alone?’

5.      What’s the difference between imparted righteousness and imputed righteousness? Why does that difference matter?

6.      Talk about and describe your personal faith. When did it become personal for you? How does the faith of others around you influence, encourage and strengthen your own faith?

7.      How have you seen your faith transform your life?

8.      Read through James 2:14-17. How do you understand these verses? What do these verses mean? Does our salvation depend on the presence of both faith and works?

9.      How confident is your faith? Which of the three biblical illustrations made the most sense to you in regards to faith confidence: ‘help my unbelief’ in Mark 9, the mustard seed sized faith in Matthew 17, or the assurance promises in Psalm 23? How would you encourage someone who doesn’t feel like he/she has a strong faith?



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