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Eight Days That Changed the World


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Sermon Based Questions for March 18, 2018

“Go…and Bear Fruit”      

Habit/Practice #4: Serving Part 2, Pastor Dave Bondeson


1.    How are you actively serving in the church? Come up with a definition for what ‘serving in the church’ means – use the next question as well for more clarity.

2.    Does serving in the church mean serving in one of the big programs at church, like a class, youth group or kids ministry? Does it ‘count’ to be serving completely outside the church or does God ask each Christian to serve inside the church? Does church leadership need to know about how you’re serving? What might be some arguments for and against serving as a ‘lone ranger’ or not in any specific ministry in the church?

3.    Do you have a sense of your spiritual gifts? Google a list of spiritual gifts online if that might help.

4.    How is serving in the church ‘for the common good?’ Is it fair or right to say that if one person isn’t serving at his or her healthiest capacity, then the whole church will be suffering?

5.    Which of the three reasons not to serve feels most like something your heart might be saying: didn’t know the need, shame or pride? How does the gospel address those reasons specifically?

6.    Is there a passion or ability, that you have, that you don’t think is useful in the church? Brainstorm ways together that those skills might be able to be used for serving.

7.    Is busyness a valid reason not to serve? Why or why not?

8.    How have you experienced the joy and fulfillment that Psalm 84 talks about when serving?

9.    How would you encourage someone who doesn’t feel gifted, called or excited to serve in the local church?

10. Do you need to start serving, or start serving in a new or different way at church?


*For those of you who don’t know your spiritual gifting, we will be offering the SHAPE class running from Monday, April 23 – May 14, to help you discover your gifts.   ***Updated dates



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