Pastor Jordan Huffman

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                                             WHY we SHARE our faith…














                    “ The better you know the Gospel, the more you will share it.     
                       And the more you share the Gospel, the better you know it”.



Sermon Based Questions for January 21, 2018

“Go…and Bear Fruit”     Week 4: Pastor Jordan Huffman

Sharing:  Part 3


1.    Does anyone have a story to share about an “awkward” moment or experience in sharing your faith?

2.    Why is sharing our faith with others so seemingly awkward or challenging?

3.    What are your greatest motivations as to “why” we should share the Good News about Jesus?

4.    Given a few hours to spend relationally with Jesus, what might you want to know or talk about?

5.    What was your gut reaction to “sharing our faith…is easy”?

6.    Can you share a time you experienced the Holy Spirit empowering or even prompting you in a special way?

7.    How can the hard circumstances of life motivate us to think about others need for a Savior?

8.    What might “riding the bike” look like when we are talking about “sharing”?  

9.    Continue in your plan to share your faith.  Have your Life Group hold you accountable to this plan. 

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