Families at Woodlands Church, 

Do you know the kids and families in your neighborhood? Do your kids have friends in your neighborhood? Have you thought about ways to share about Jesus with those families and kids this summer?

We have a story to tell, and we have an opportunity to introduce friends and families throughout our neighborhoods to Jesus this summer. We want to encourage each family to think missionally about your neighborhood! And we want to give you an easy path to make that happen. There are four options we want you to consider for summer 2018:

Bring neighborhood friends to the Woodlands Kid’s Carnival on May 10th, 2018.

            For the first time ever, we’re hosting a public Woodlands Carnival on Thursday, May 10th. Kids from the church are invited, as long as they bring a neighborhood or school friend with them! This fun carnival features tons of games and prizes, and everyone who attends gets 10 free Carnival Dollars to spend at this free event. Have a great evening; bring kids anytime between 6pm-8pm and expect a great evening!

Host a neighborhood cookout.

            One great way to get kids and families into your home is to host a neighborhood cookout. We’re putting together cookout totes to help make hosting a cookout as easy as possible. Just let us know the date you’re looking at, and we’ll provide the lawn games, cooking suggestions and recipes and even some money to help with the cost if you’d like.

Host a 5 Day Club.

            Child Evangelism Fellowship has been holding 5 Day Clubs for decades throughout Wisconsin. Highly trained teens will come to your home during the summer and lead a mini-VBS, right in your backyard. It’s fun, exciting and an incredible way to reach out to your neighborhood. We’re excited to partner with CEF to impact central Wisconsin this summer. We’re praying for 10 families interested in hosting 5 Day Clubs this summer.

Invite neighborhood kids and friends to VBS July 29th-August 3rd.

            Everything we do missionally this summer will point families and kids to VBS and Camp ZIP during the final week of July. The church will be packed with volunteers, kids, tons of fun and lots of the gospel. We’ll also tie VBS into our weekly Kids programs at Woodlands Church, and encourage families to check them out!

What to do now:

Start praying about adopting a missional mindset toward your neighborhood and friends and families this summer. 

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