In 2018, we encourage you to create a family Spiritual Growth Plan. Be intentional about growing closer to Christ as a family, and use every opportunity as parents to help our children walk closer to Jesus as well. 

Here is some helpful information we have put together regarding creating a family spiritual growth plan.

Elements of a Family Spiritual Growth Plan

1)    Connecting to God By far the two things that God will use most powerfully are His Word and prayer. In a plan include when your family will do this, where,  for how long, and what portion(s) of the Bible you will read.

2)    Conforming to Scripture:  As you think through a spiritual growth plan ask God to guide you regarding any changes He may want to make in your life. Write them down as part of your plan to grow.

3)    Inputs:  In addition to reading the word devotionally God uses such things as books, involvement in groups, the regular practice of spending extended time alone with Him, Scripture memory to grow us. 

4)    Outputs:  Serving and giving to others and to God’s work helps break tendencies toward selfishness, and God uses it, by His Spirit to free us. Write down how you will serve and give to God and others.

Examples of a Family Spiritual Growth Plan

1)    Every Monday and Friday 10 minutes before school, we will pray together as a family.

2)    We will individually set aside 30 minutes/ day to read and study the bible. Following along with Woodlands in the Word. 

  • Mom at 6:00- 6:30 AM 
  • Dad at 8- 8:30 AM
  • Little Jonny will read 15 minutes before bed
  • Every Wednesday at dinner we will discuss what we’ve been learning in our reading plan.  

3)    Every last Sunday of the month we will celebrate Sabbath rest together by making no plans after church other than being together as a family. 

4)    We will each work to be growing on something to benefit our famil

  • Mom will work on communicating her expectations
  • Dad will work on money management
  • Little Jonny will work on sharing with friends 

5)    We will serve in the Nursery once per month as a family. 

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