To start off Summer Sunday School we are doing a VBS preview day! (Scroll down to the past posts see information on the changes to come with this Sunday). 

What is VBS preview day? 

So happy you asked! We will be teaching the kids some of the songs to come this summer and talk about how VBS can be a ministry to their peers and kids who don't attend Woodlands Church. We will also give a short lesson from the Gospel Project and really celebrate the start to summer as a large group!

This Sunday for Preview day you will also have a chance to sign up your kiddos or yourself as a volunteer. 

If you aren't sold on VBS here are just two reasons that it's important to the Church:

1. VBS creates memories! 

How many of you have been to a VBS and don't remember a thing? My guess is VERY few of you! VBS is a celebratory event that teaches kids everlasting truths in a fun way! Whether it's a craft that they stamped the verse on, an engaging storytime experience, or a catchy song; something is sure to stick. 

I know that I personally can remember a song I was taught as a five year-old even today. 'Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you, wherever you go!" I remember singing myself this song when I couldn't sleep for fear of monsters. VBS songs were my childhood prayers as I lay awake at night

2. VBS is an evangelistic opportunity  

VBS is created to reach kids for Christ. Every day they have the chance to give their lives up to a Savior as they are taught the gospel. We want to get kids from the community to be surrounded by Christ following families, and get children from our Church to learn more about what their parents believe and how they can make it their own. 

There is power in the gospel and VBS is a huge way to get more kids and families to hear it. 

Reach Kids -- > Reach families --> Connect them to Woodlands --> Ultimately connect them to Christ 

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