We have Sunday programming for kids 6th grade and below, but there are always some changes and updates and tweaks. I want to walk through some details so you're informed and aware!

Graduate at the END

We graduate kids at the END of the summer (except for VBS). So kiddos in the current Kindergarten class will stay in the Kindergarten room until graduation day - September 3rd. Likewise, 6th graders can continue hanging out through the summer. 

Elementary Together

We love the ability to give our regular teachers the summer off to relax, refresh and re-energize. As a result, all the elementary kids (1st-6th grade) will be together for Kid's Worship in Celebration Square throughout the summer. We'll sing, play, learn and discuss together as we continue through our curriculum, The Gospel Project.

Major Checkin Changes 

Get ready! When you come to church on June 4th, you'll notice major changes in the way we've organized and laid out our checkin stations. The long checkin counter is going AWAY, and being replaced with a smaller Kid's Welcome booth for new families. Instead of heading to the counter to checkin, we'll be utilizing iPads located in three places: by the exterior doors in the nursery hallway, behind the Kid's Welcome booth, and across from the giant circular timeline in the back hallway. You can checkin at any of these stations. The nametags and pickup slips will still be the same, and the checkin process will be similar. You'll see more information in the next few weeks. 

Nursery Switcharoos

More change?!? Yup. We're excited for this one, too! Starting June 4, you'll see we've shifted some nursery rooms. Our current infants nursery will serve as a Nursing/Family room, with private nursing areas and an space for families with kids who are squirmy or who won't go into traditional childcare solutions to view the sermon. Then, everything else will shift: the current Ones nursery will become the Infants, the current Twos will become the Ones, and the Twos will shift over to classroom 405 (by Celebration Square). This gives us more room for all our classes and space for our kiddos. We'll post clear signage - you won't miss anything!

If you have questions about any of the updates or changes, please contact us at Woodlands Kids!

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