Well, we've got some new things to get you up to speed on, starting next week, September 6th! When we launch fall KidMin programs in Plover, we have two new "framing ministries."

The first is called KidMin Kash, and it's a simple, easy way to reward kids for participating. If kids participate in one of 4 ways, they'll get a "KidMin Kash Coin." These will be simple gold, plastic coins that kids hang on to (it's up to the kid to hang on to them). Then, on the first Sunday and first Tuesday of each month, the Family Resource Center will become "KidMin Kash Out," a place for kids to spend their coins on fun toys, prizes, books and other rewards.

The four ways kids can earn a coin:

  • Attend Sunday School (they'll get their coins as they leave).
  • Finish their nightly section at Kid's Crossing.
  • Bring a friend to any KidMin program (they'll get two - and so will their friend!)
  • Turn in a ReadIt! Slip!

Which leads to ReadIt! Similar to BookIt, we want to reward kids for getting into God's Word. So, throughout the church, starting this Sunday, kids and parents can pick up ReadIt! Slips. These simple slips have places for kids to record where in the Bible they read that week. If they read 5 our of the 7 days - anywhere in the Bible - any amount or for any time - they'll get a KidMin Kash coin. Slips can be turned in at Sunday School or Kid's Crossing.

Simple! If you have questions, email me! Thanks!

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