Hey - sorry for the wrong web link last week. For future reference, going to woodlandschurch.org/kidminupdates is always an option!

Tonight, we're starting a 4 week series on Forgiveness - what is is, and why we do it. Tonight, we're saying we forgive because God did.

The way I'm introducing that is by talking about "Counting the Cost." What's the cost of forgiving someone? It's high! But what's the cost of not forgiving? It's high too. We know it's worth it, though, because God counted the cost, and made the decision to forgive. We can look at the cross and KNOW that forgiveness is worth it. 

What would your kids do with $3? If you're out and about at the grocery store this week, ask them - and if you have it available, even give them the money. Talk through what it means to "count the cost," and what they need to give up if they choose to buy that candy bar (hint: it's more than the $3 - it's also the opportunity to buy that soda, or something else). 

When we count the cost of forgiveness, is it hard to believe it's worth it? How does the cross help reassure us that - yes, it is! The price is always right.

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