Tonight at AWANA we're looking at the Trinity - what is it, but more importantly, why should we care? There are three quick answers we're giving tonight:

  • First, it teaches us God is not like us. Where we fail, he does not, because he's made of different "stuff" than we are.
  • Second, we learn that God is love, because he doesn't need us to love - he loves even apart from us. Love isn't something he learned how to do when he created - it's something he's always done, because he's always been in community.
  • Finally - most importantly - we learn that God doesn't need us - he WANTS us. What an amazing truth - he didn't create us because he needed friends or helpers or servants - he created us because he wants us.

How to reinforce this at home? Perhaps focus on the third aspect - the beauty of being "wanted" rather than "needed." Food is a powerful tool. One night this week, consider offering to make whatever your children would like for dinner - and then make a second option, too: plain rice and beans. Instead of serving the first dish, put plates of rice and beans in front of your children, and when they complain, inform them simply that the nutrition they need is right in front! 

You'll get quite the pushback, I'm sure. While feasting on the first choice, talk about "how the rice might feel if it had feelings." And vice verse. How does it make us feel knowing that God's passion for us - because he's self-sufficient and doesn't need us - outweighs our passion for our favorite food by far. What a blessing!

Good luck! Did you try it? Did it work? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

- Dave

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