Forgiveness is a priority.

We're talking about forgiveness again, tonight, and talking about the priority it is in our life and in our relationships. Mark 11:25 tells us that forgiveness is something we need to act on first in or relationships - it's super important. 

We'll be talking about the hurts and pains others give us as rocks and weights we carry with us - things that we don't choose to add - but that we often do choose to continue to carry. The only way we can be free of these is through choosing to forgive.

Princess and the Pea Time!

Grab a brick or rock or some other weight, and slip it under your kids mattress sometime this week. Won't that be a lumpy surprise! When they wander down after being sent to bed, talk about the fact that often, nighttime or bedtime is when the reminders of past hurts or pains are most common - and when we need to actively choose to forgive the most consciously.

Take your kids to Matthew 11:28, and Christ's promise of comfort, and pray that they'll be able to forgive and move on. 

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