What Is Grace?

That's the beautiful question we get to wrestle with tonight! I'll give lots of answers, but ultimately, my closing remark is that "when it comes to grace, we're lamps - not flashlights."

The point is that we're called to shine with Christ's love when we receive grace - but grace isn't like batteries dropped into a flashlight - it's like the power that flows through the cord to a floor lamp. We can't unplug from God and except to still shine - we are in constant need of grace, and in constant need of being plugged in.

A fun thing to do to reinforce and build on this idea would be to turn off all the lights in your house, and play an epic game of flashlight tag! Can the kids sneak from one side of the house to the other, without being caught by the parents with flashlights?

Lots of laughter later, sit down and talk about what it means to be plugged in to God, and how we can build daily routines to help us stay connected to God's grace daily.

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