Across our many ministries in KidMin, we utilize over 200 volunteers! That's a ton of people! That means we need you!

KidMin is a blast - there's no where else in the church that can use volunteers with so many different giftings, skills, backgrounds and time commitments. Can you serve once a month? We can use you! You're looking for a weekly, intensive service opportunity? We can use you! New Christian? Old Christian? Still learning about Christ, but want to get plugged in at Woodlands? Teen? Adult? Parent? Grandparent? Like to be up front? Like to be in the back? It doesn't matter - we can use you!

The majority of men and women who know Jesus as their Savior point to a moment when they were in elementary school as to when God chose to use a man or women or a moment to step into their lives. Not only is KidMin easy to get into, but it's also amazingly easy to have a huge impact through KidMin. Here's a list of the type of people we need in KidMin:

  • People who can draw
  • People who are good at creating designs
  • People with muscles who can carry stuff
  • People with a passion to hang out with children
  • People who can love on high needs children
  • People who love playing games
  • People who love worshipping
  • People who can teach
  • People with a great imagination
  • People who can pray
  • People who like to write curriculum
  • People who can sit next to a child and help them calm down
  • People who like setting up games
  • People who like speaking in pirate accents

Do you see yourself somewhere on that list? I bet you do! So what are you waiting for? Download the application today, fill it out and email it to us (info on the app).

If you have questions about serving in KidMin, use the form below to email our Volunteer Coordinator Jami Wilhelm.

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