This morning we headed to the Freedom Firm office and jewelry workshop.  We were able to see where the girls work and spoke to one of the founders about how the organization began and how they have begun training other organizations in how to complete investigations and raids. 

There were less giggles at lunch today while we attempted to eat with our hands, we must be getting better!

The overall feel of the dance workshop was very relaxed.  We spoke about community and did activities that gave the women opportunities to positively affirm themselves and others.   A lot of the women are bringing their friends and family to the dance workshop.  We were told this is very freeing for the Muslim participants because they do not leave their homes often.  They really enjoy moving and being creative during our times together.

We followed up on the occupational therapy and trained some of the staff so the progress of reintegration of these reflexes can continue.  Then we were onto making ribbon rings to use as props to dance and review some exercises we had done earlier in the week.

Following the workshop we were able to deeply connect with a few of the women, they braided our hair, laughed, and joked around.  It was a sweet and special time.  We can’t believe only one dance workshop day left. 


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