Our dance workshop theme today was trust and balance.  We did a lot of pairing and group trust activities.  These women had to depend on one another indifferent exercises.  The exercises were designed in such a way that they needed to share weight another physically to complete these successfully. 

Later we did an activity called soul collage, the women picked images they were drawn to and used them to decorate a notebook.  These women aren’t given choices often, so this was extra special for  them and powerful to watch. Once the notebook covers were designed we used this for discussion questions and the women made movements based on their collage.  By doing this they were able to discover more about themselves and express themselves through movement. 

We were greeted with children in costumes, who performed for us, played hopscotch, and were served chai tea with sweets.  Where in India were we? Nowhere else but the Hobart CDC Compassion Project in Ooty.  Yesterday we met a women who happens to the volunteer project director for Compassion’s Hobart CDC.  She invited us to visit this evening and we were utterly blessed.  The children performed three Indian dances for us and in return we were able to share the (very American) tap dance the Shim Sham Shimmy.  We were all overflowing with joy to meet the staff and children and happened to visit on India’s Children’s Day, which was an extra special blessing. 

We hope you enjoy the pictures!!


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