If today was the last day, we would be more than satisfied with what the Lord has done! He has been at work. Because of the massive Dewali celebration (constant fireworks and lots of extra congestion in town) we thought our guests from a separate aftercare agency wouldn’t come today, but quite a few women made a huge effort to come back. They are making friends with the Freedom Firm girls (one of the goals of our trip is to build the relationship between these two agencies). The women are bonding with each other, their staff and with us. They call us Dede, which means “older sister”. Even the women working in the kitchen came out today and wanted to dance.


The Occupational Therapy work again revealed that the exercises were needed and very effective...THANK YOU LIZ! Our theme for the day was lead and follow. This created relational moments between partners as they mirrored each other’s movements. We challenged each woman to be the leader of the entire group. Although this took a huge amount of courage on their part, we were so proud to see them step out of the comfort zone and take on a leadership role.

 As the women danced across the floor, we could see them investing 100% into their movement. Their movement was honest, authentic and beautiful!

We ended our afternoon with Solarium, a number of pictures that can initiate deep conversations. The women understood our questions and picked pictures that expressed their feeling.  It was beautiful, the women sharing their hearts and part of their stories with us!  We can only wait with anticipation to see what the rest of the week brings.[gallery]


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